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Our Recommended Combi Boilers

Greenstar Combi Boiler

Greenstar 4000 Combi

The Greenstar 4000 combi boiler is an efficient and reliable heating product. It offers advanced technology, high performance, and eco-friendly features, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings in homes.
Baxi Platinum Compact

Baxi Platinum Combi

The Baxi Platinum Compact Combi Boiler is a space-saving and energy-efficient heating solution. With advanced features, reliability, and compact design, it provides optimal comfort and performance in homes.
worcester 1000 combi

Greenstar 1000 Combi

The Greenstar 1000 combi boiler is a compact, high-efficiency product. Known for reliability and advanced technology, it delivers optimal performance, energy efficiency, and comfort for residential homes.
eco compact combi

Main Eco Compact Combi

The Main Eco Compact Combi Boiler is a space-saving and energy-efficient heating solution. It combines reliability with advanced features, providing efficient performance and comfort in a compact design for most homes.

Our Recommended Regular and System Boilers

baxi 619 regular

Baxi 619 Regular

The Baxi 619 Regular Boiler is a reliable heating product, offering efficiency and performance. Known for durability, it provides consistent warmth in larger homes, maintaining comfort through its advanced features.
worcester 18ri

Worcester 18Ri Regular

The Worcester 18RI Regular Boiler is a reliable and efficient heating product. With a focus on performance and durability, it delivers consistent warmth, making it suitable for various home sizes.
baxi 824

Baxi 824 System

The Baxi 824 System Boiler is a reliable and energy-efficient boiler solution. With advanced features, it provides consistent warmth and hot water for homes, ensuring comfort and convenience.
4000 system

Greenstar 4000 System

The Greenstar 4000 System Boiler is an energy-efficient heating solution. With advanced technology, it delivers reliable warmth and hot water, combining efficiency with comfort for residential homes.

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